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I am a 50 year old mom of a 29 year old daughter and a 17 year old son. I'm happily married and I homeschool our youngest who has been diagnosed as having Asperger's and I have Parkinsonism, BPPV, Pseudo Cushings, and AGHD. My family means everything to me! I am a northern Nevadan Christian homeschooling stay-at-home-mom who also blogs and loves some of the social media communities. I also started as a doTerra Wellness Advocate on my 50th birthday. I'm a self-proclaimed advocate for Asperger's Syndrome, all of the Autism Spectrum Disorders, and special needs in general. I am usually found blogging, tweeting, and posting about homeschooling, genealogy, Parkinsonism, being Gluten-Free, books, recipes, and anything else on our family's Christian Journey...

My 23 and Me DNA Results Are In

I got my results from my 23 and Me DNA test and I am actually a bit shocked. I had a heads-up because my daughter had her DNA tested previously and hers didn’t show something I was definitely expecting. My … Continue reading

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Preparing for My Ancestry DNA Test

I am getting ready for my Ancestry DNA test by learning more and preparing a few helps I have found while researching this. I highly recommend that you watch this video by Crista Cowen called “The Search for Biological Family“. … Continue reading

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Beginning My Ancestry DNA Journey

I am finally beginning my ancestry DNA journey. I have wanted to do it for many years! Besides the fact that I love learning more about my family history and finding out where and who I come from… I know … Continue reading

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Cousin Relationship Chart

Have you ever wondered what something like “Second Cousin Once Removed” means or what exactly is your relationship to a more distant relative? Well, this chart is one of the easiest to understand! The top version is in color and … Continue reading

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Captain William Smith

Captain William Smith was an important Revolutionary War Veteran.  He was instrumental in keeping the British from advancing further in the area, but at a significant loss of men. It was 1500 to 300 and was a trick, but they … Continue reading

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Irvin Henry SCHROEDER and Elsie Rose HERZ

Irvin and Elsie SCHROEDER were the parents of the man that I consider my “official” father at the time of my birth. I believed that he was my biological father from the time I accidentally discovered information when I was … Continue reading

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Today is the 30th Anniversary of my mom’s death. March is always really difficult for me. March at a Glance March  4, 1947  ~ My mom’s birthday (Carol Elizabeth WILLIAMS) March 16, 1922 ~ My grandpa’s birthday (Carlton Nathanial WILLIAMS) … Continue reading

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My Grandpa Carlton Nathanial WILLIAMS, Sr

Today (March 16, 2017) would have been my maternal grandpa’s 95th birthday. He was the best Grandpa!!! I was extremely fortunate to be able to spend some amazing one on one time with him for many years, especially when I … Continue reading

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John CAMPBELL, Sr. and Mary COUCH CAMPBELL ~ Tombstone Tuesday

John CAMPBELL, Sr was my fifth-great-grandfather on my mom’s maternal side. He was born in 1763 in Orange County, North Carolina to  Patrick CAMPBELL (1724-August 27, 1799) and Elizabeth JAMES (death in 1830). John died in 1867 in Perry, Kentucky. … Continue reading

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Rodney Allen McClure

Rod McClure January 27, 1961 – June 11, 2016 Read the beautiful write-up about Rod on the Western Pacific Railroad Museum.  

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