Benjamin Franklin Wurtz ~ Wordless Wednesday

Benjamin Franklin Wurtz and John Henry Wurtz 2

Benjamin Franklin WURTZ (on the right) and his brother John Henry WURTZ ~ Taken before May 1949 in Pleasanton, Kansas, USA

OK… So, this is more like Minimal Words Wednesday. I couldn’t help myself.

Benjamin (or Benjamen) Franklin WURTZ (1880-1975) was my second-great-grandfather on my maternal grandfather’s side. He was the father of Ethel Helen WURTZ (1906-2000) who raised and became the mother of my grandpa Carlton Nathanial WILLIAMS, Sr  (1922-1991) after his biological mother passed away when he was very young. Ethel Helen was a strong woman in all the most important ways and a blessing to have as a Great-Grandma ♥

I find it extremely cool that Benjamin Franklin WURTZ was born in the same somewhat small town/city (Quincy, Illinois) that my daughter was born in 91 years later and almost to the day! It makes it even better because he, and therefore his part of the family, left the area when he was 20 years old. Our family did not return to that area until I went several hours away from home to college.

Nobody ever told me that we had family from the area until I discovered it while researching this branch. They probably had no idea. I love it when these cool examples of history repeating itself pop up! Don’t you?

What cool similarities or history repeating itself have you come across in your research? Please share in the comments section.

Benjamin Wurtz2

Benjamin Franklin WURTZ

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John and Keziah LAKEY ~ Census Sunday

John Burcham LAKEY 1860 US Census

My second great-grandfather on my adoptive father’s side, John Burcham LAKEY, was born June 11, 1827, in Green, Grant County, Indiana to Simon LAKEY (1778-1853) and Mary Burcham (1789-1864). He died February 12, 1863, in Cassville, Barry County, Missouri.

My second great-grandmother on my adoptive father’s side, Keziah (Kasiah) “Kissie” ROMINES, was born in 1827 in Illinois. She died November 4, 1893, in Cassville, Barry County, Missouri.

John and Keziah were married October 26, 1845, in Cassville, Barry County, Missouri.

Below is what can be found in the 1860 United States Census for this couple and their family.

Name: John B Lakey
Age in 1860: 33
Birth Year: abt 1827
Birthplace: Indiana
Home in 1860: Douglas, Missouri
Race: White
Gender: Male
Post Office: Falling Spring
Value of Real Estate: 500
Value of Personal Estate: 1500

Household Members:
John B Lakey ~ 33
Kissiah Lakey ~ 31
Enos Lakey ~ 13
Simon Lakey ~ 11
John Lakey ~ 9
William Lakey ~ 7
Solomon Lakey ~ 6
Lewis Lakey ~ 5
Mary Lakey ~ 2
Elizabeth Lakey ~ 6/12

Where do John and Keziah fit into our family tree?

John and Keziah LAKEY were the parents of Simon William LAKEY (1848-1919).

Simon and Mary LAKEY were the parents of Andy Lee Chester LAKEY, Sr. (1905-1972).

Andy and Eunice LAKEY, Sr. were the parents of Jack Fredrick LAKEY, Sr. (1927-2003) who was my adoptive father.

Check out a portrait of John Burcham LAKEY from a previous post of mine.

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Caroline Philippine BREIMEIER’s Obituary

Caroline Philippine Breimeier ~ ObituaryThis obituary contains a lot of useful information, but unfortunately there also seems to be a few mistakes.

I love that it tells all about Caroline’s last days and a great story about her life. The problem is that there seems to be some errors when it comes to some of the names and dates.

Some of discrepancies could be correct in the obituary and wrong in the multiple sources I have (due to their types), but I kind of doubt it. My information comes from resources covering several decades and are rather consistent with each other. 

This obituary feels like it was written by one family member who may have thought that he/she got it close enough

Bottom line… the verdict is honestly still out.

First, you will find a copy of the obituary word-for-word. Second, I will address the discrepancies; and third, you will find Caroline’s vital statistics as I know them.


Beecher Herald, Beecher, Will Co., IL

05 Mar 1909

Mrs. Fred Schutte. Sr.

The death of Mrs. Fred Schutte, Sr. occurred at 6 o’clock, Monday 1, at the home of her daughter, Nas, Henry Stolzenburg, at Homewood. She had been ill for two weeks with a complication of bronchial asthma and pneumonia, but had recovered, and on Monday was feeling fine, until in the afternoon, while sitting in a chair, she was stricken with heart failure and expired a short time afterward.

The remains were brought to this village, yesterday afternoon, and were conveyed to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, where Rev. A.H. Brauer conducted funeral services.

Caroline Braedemeyer was born April 9, 1832, in Buckeberg, Lippe, Germany. In 1852, at the home of her birth, she was married to Fred Schutte. They came to America in September 1860, and settled at Eagle Lake, Ill. where they lived for five years. They then moved to the town of Will, and after a residence there of nineteen years, came back to the town of Washington, taking up their abode near Beecher, where, in 1897, Mr. Schutte died. Thirteen children were born to this union, eight of whom are living: Henry and Fred of Beecher; Mrs. Henry Stolzenburg, Hamewood; Mrs. Fred Lindeman, Mrs. Echart Stoltzenburg, Mrs. Wm. Meyer, Sr. near Beecher; Mrs. John Piepenbrink, Eagle Lake; Henry Smith, near Creamburg. Besides these, ___? grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren survive.


Caroline passed away at her daughter Anna’s house. She and her husband Henry (Adam Heinrich) Stolzenbach lived in Homewood. Their last name was not Stolesnburg and the name of their town was printed correctly the first time in the obituary and incorrectly the second time. I do not know what “Nas” was supposed to mean. Anna’s full given name was Anna Sophie Dorothee Schütte.

Caroline’s maiden name was actually spelled Breimeier and not Braedemeyer. She was born April 9, 1833, in Meerbeck, Schaumburg, Niedersachsen, Germany (not in 1832 in Buckeberg, Lippe, Germany).

Caroline and Fred Schütte were married in Lauenhagen, Schaumburg, Niedersachsen, Germany (not in Buckeberg, Lippe, Germany).

I do not believe that she came to American in 1860, because she apparently was still having children in Germany as late as September 1861. By December 1863, she was giving birth in Illinois. According to census records, though, she (or someone) was stating that she arrived in America in 1853. Maybe she said 1863 and they wrote 1853. That would make sense with what we know about census takers.  Who knows?

It looks like the obituary says that she had 21 grandchildren living or at least some two digit number ending with a one.


My third great-grandmother on my “official father’s side”, Caroline Philippine BREIMEIER, was born April 9, 1833 to Friedrich Gottlieb BREIMEIER (1781-1845) and Engel Marie BARTELS (1795-1860) in Meerbeck, Schaumburg, Niedersachsen, Germany. Caroline died March 1, 1909 in Homewood, Cook County, Illinois, at the home of her oldest daughter, Anna Sophie Dorothee Schütte in Homewood, Illinois.

* For clarification about what I mean by my “official father’s side”, you can read the 4th and 5th little paragraphs introducing this blog here.

Caroline married Friedrich Ernst Gottlieb Schütte (1832-1897) on May 13, 1852 in Lauehagen, Schaumburt, Niedersachsen, Germany.

Their thirteen children were as follows: Friedrich Wilhelm Schütte (1857-1859), Anna Sophie Dorothee Schütte (1859-1914), Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Schütte (1860-1946), Sophie Catharine Dorothee Schütte (1861-1940), Caroline Schütte (1863-1941) ~ Caroline was the first child born in the United States, Lena Schütte (1864-?), Marie Schütte 91865-1944), Christine Schütte (1866-1877), Augusta Schütte (1868-1954), Fred Schütte (1870-1959), Marie Sophie Mathilde Schütte (1871-1871), Emma Schütte (1872-1940), William August Schütte (1874-1874)

Where does Caroline fit into our family tree?

Caroline Philippine BREIMEIER was the mother of  Caroline SCHUTTE.

Eckhardt STOLZENBACH and Caroline SCHUTTE were the parents of Marie STOLZENBACH.

John Henry HERZ and Marie STOLZENBACH were the parents of Elsie Rose HERZ.

Irvin Henry SCHROEDER and Elsie Rose HERZ were the parents of Donald Irvin SCHROEDER.

Donald Irvin SCHROEDER was the father listed on my original birth certificate and married to my mom when I was born.  I have since heard that he is not my biological father, but I am not sure. We definitely look very similar and nobody living seems to know who my biological father is… if he is not.


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One Pie for Grandma and One Pie for Everyone Else ~ Plus Gooseberry Pie Recipe

Carlton WILLIAMS Sr and Ruby Irene PORTER WILLIAMS with their two oldest children.

Carlton WILLIAMS Sr and Ruby Irene PORTER WILLIAMS with their two oldest children. My mom, Carol, is the little girl on the left.

My mom, Carol Elizabeth WILLIAMS LAKEY, always had to make two Gooseberry Pies every year for my Grandma’s birthday. One completely for her and one for everyone else to share.

Grandma, Ruby Irene WILLIAMS PORTER, would share pretty much everything else she ever had, but NOT a single bite of HER Gooseberry Pie.

The year that my mom passed away (suddenly and just four days before my grandma’s birthday) she made two Gooseberry Pies and gave them to Grandma early. At the time, there was not a reason really given other than something like “just because”.

Grandma and I had several talks throughout the years following Mom’s death and we were both convinced (for several reasons that included this one) that she somehow knew that she was going to pass away very soon and had to get a few things done early.  They are both gone now, but this memory is still very much alive and I have my hands on my mom’s recipe which I am sharing with you today. Enjoy!

Fresh Gooseberry Pie

Makes one pie. If you need one for someone like my grandma and another for everyone else… you will need to double this.  😉

3 cups fresh gooseberries (if you use canned, rinse and drain)
1 1/2 cups sugar
3 Tablespoons quick-cooking tapioca
1/4 teaspoon salt
pastry for 9-inch 2-crust pie
2 Tablespoons butter

  1. Stem, wash, and drain gooseberries.
  2. Crush 1/2 cup of the berries and combine with sugar, tapioca, and salt. Then add the rest of the berries.
  3. Cook and stir until the mixture thickens.
  4. Line a 9-inch pie pan with pastry and fill. Dot with butter. Add the top crust.
  5. Bake at 450 degrees for 10 minutes.
  6. Reduce oven temperature to 350 degrees and bake about 30 minutes longer or until the crust is done. Serve slightly warm.
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On Our Wedding Day ~ July 10, 1999

Our Wedding DayJuly 10, 1999
My hubby, my daughter, and me on our big day 14 years ago!

You can also see my favorite picture from the wedding of just my hubby and me
on my other blog ~ The Journey

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Jacob WILLIAMS ~ Census Sunday

My third great-grandfather on my mom’s father’s side, Jacob WILLIAMS, was born in about 1830 in Kentucky. He died sometime between 1895 and 1910. I have found census records for him and his family from the 1850 Federal Census through the 1895 Kansas State Census.

Jacob had a total of at least fifteen children. He had at least five children with his first wife and at least ten children with his second wife, including my second great-grandfather, Nathaniel WILLIAMS.

1850 United States Federal Census for Jacob and Elizabeth WILLIAMS:

Name: Jacob Williams
Age: 24
Birth Year: abt 1826
Birthplace: Kentucky
Home in 1850: Johnson, Kentucky
Gender: Male
Value of Real Estate: $200

Household Members:
Jacob Williams ~ 24 ~ Farmer ~ born in Kentucky
Elizabeth Williams ~ 20 ~ born in Kentucky
Samuel G Williams ~ 1 ~ born in Kentucky
John J Williams ~ 3 months ~ born in Kentucky

1850 Census for Jacob and Elizabeth WILLIAMS

1850 Census for Jacob and Elizabeth WILLIAMS

1860 United States Federal Census for Jacob and Elizabeth WILLIAMS:

Name: Jacob Williams
Age in 1860: 32
Birth Year: abt 1828
Birthplace: Kentucky
Home in 1860: Jackson, Jasper, Missouri
Gender: Male
Post Office: Fidelity
Value of Real Estate: $300

Household Members:
Jacob Williams ~ 32 ~ Farmer ~ born in Kentucky
Elizabeth ~ 31 ~ born in Kentucky
Samuel G Williams ~ 11 ~ born in Kentucky
Malinda E Williams ~ 8 ~ born in Missouri
Sarah A Williams ~ 4 ~ born in Missouri
Isaac H Williams ~ 6 months ~ born in Missouri

1860 Census for Jacob and Elizabeth WILLIAMS

1860 Census for Jacob and Elizabeth WILLIAMS

1870 United States Federal Census for Jacob and Sarah E WILLIAMS:

Name: Jacob Williams
Age in 1870: 45
Birth Year: abt 1825
Birthplace: Kentucky
Home in 1870: Scott, Bourbon, Kansas
Race: White
Gender: Male
Post Office: Fort Scott
Value of Real Estate: $17,000

Household Members:
Jacob Williams ~ 45 ~ Farmer ~ born in Kentucky
Sarah E Williams ~ 25 ~ Keeping House ~ born in Missouri
Samuel G Williams ~ 21 ~ Farmer ~ born in Kentucky
Malinda Williams ~ 18 ~ At Home ~ born in Missouri
Sarah A Williams ~ 14 ~ At School ~ born in Missouri
Nathaniel Williams ~ 7 ~ born in Kansas
Mary J Williams ~ 5 ~ born in Kansas
Abraham Williams ~ 3 ~ born in Kansas
Amanda Williams ~ 1 ~ born in Kansas

On the original 1870 census it appears that the census taker originally wrote Sarah E. WILLIAMS’ age as 25. Then someone wrote over it and made it say 35 years old. She really was 25 at the time, but was the step-mother to some children almost as old as she was. I have confirmed Sarah E.’s age throughout several later censuses and other records. Nathaniel was the first child of Jacob and Sarah E. WILLIAMS.

1870 Census for Jacob and Sarah E. WILLIAMS

1870 Census for Jacob and Sarah E. WILLIAMS

1880 United States Federal Census for Jacob and Sarah E. WILLIAMS:

Name: Jacob Williams
Age: 50 * See note below.
Birth Year: abt 1830
Birthplace: Kentucky
Home in 1880: Scott, Bourbon, Kansas
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Self (Head)
Occupation: Farmer
Jacob’s Father’s Birthplace: Kentucky
Jacob’s Mother’s Birthplace: Kentucky
Marital Status: Married

Spouse’s Name: Sarah E Williams
Sarah’s Birthplace: Missouri
Sarah’s Father’s Birthplace: Missouri
Sarah’s Mother’s Birthplace: Missouri

Household Members:
Jacob Williams ~ 50 ~ Self (Head) ~ Farmer ~ born in Kentucky
Sarah E Williams ~ 35 ~ Wife ~ Keeping House ~ born in Missouri
Sarah Williams ~ 24 ~ Daughter ~ Without Occupation ~ Born in Missouri
Nathaniel Williams ~ 17 ~ Son ~ Farm Laborer ~ born in Kansas
Mary J Williams ~ 15 ~ Daughter ~ Without Occupation ~ born in Kansas
Abram Williams ~ 13 ~ Son ~ Farm Laborer ~ born in Kansas
Emma Williams ~ 8 ~ Daughter ~ Attending School ~ born in Kansas
Eddy Williams ~ 7 ~ Son ~ Attending School ~ born in Kansas
Walter W Williams ~ 1 ~ Son ~ born in Kansas

This census shows Jacob as being about five years younger than he was said to be on just about every other record up until this time. I honestly wonder if Jacob and/or Sarah started shaving off a few years of Jacob’s age, since he was evidently about 20 years older than his wife Sarah. My mom and adoptive father always said that he was ten years younger than he was, because he was 20 years older than my mom. It was a HUGE secret until my mom told me when I was 18, but I still was supposed to keep the secret from everyone else. My mom has been gone for over 26 years and my father has been gone almost 10 years, so the secret is out… actually it has been for at least 20 years.😉

The picture of this census is not very readable. The writing is too light to show up well enough to include here, but you can find a copy several places online including on

1895 Kansas State Census for Jacob and Sarah E. WILLIAMS:

Name: Jacob Williams
Census Date: 1 Mar 1895
Residence County: Bourbon
Residence State: Kansas
Locality: Scott
Birth Location: Kentucky
Gender: Male
Estimated Birth Year: 1822
Race: White

Household Members:
Jacob Williams ~ 73 * See note below.
Sarah Williams ~ 46
Albert Williams ~ 15
Gracie Williams ~ 12
Bertha Williams ~ 10
Ed Williams ~ 21
Delia Williams ~ 23

This census actually puts Jacob at about five years older than he most likely was. This census is really a mess, so I am not extremely confident in it anyway. I truly believe that he was 20 years older than his second wife, Sarah, and three to four years older than his first wife, Elizabeth.

Delia (Dehlia) was actually married to Ed WILLIAMS. Although I could not tell this by reading the 1895 Kansas Census, I confirmed my hunch on later Federal Censuses for Ed and Dehlia WILLIAMS.


Jacob and his first wife, Elizabeth, had: Samuel G, John J, Malinda E, Sarah A, and Isaac H. John and Isaac both died sometime after becoming a few months old and before turning 11 years old.

Jacob and his second wife, Sarah, had: Nathaniel, Mary J, Abraham/Abram, Amanda, Emma, Eddy/Ed, Walter W, Albert, Gracie, and Bertha. Amanda died between the age of one and eleven. Walter may have left the house in early teens or maybe passed away by the age of 16.

It is also possible that they had more children who were not alive during the dates the censuses were taken.

Jacob seemed to have lived a long life full of love, but also full of too much loss. I will continue to dig further back on his side, because I still do not know enough about him. I am sure that part of the problem is probably because of the fact that his age seemed to change often on records and I have not connected him to his parents and/or siblings. If you happen to be related and know more about this line, please let me know. Thanks!

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Where Have I Been…?

You may be wondering where I have been recently. Well, you can read all about it on my other blog at The Journey.

We went on another RV Boondocking Vacation which I blogged about at Ruins at Fort Churchill ~ Nevada.  It was unfortunately cut short before we could visit anywhere else we had planned, because I hit my head.  I now have Post-Concussive Syndrome and Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV).  You can check these posts out by clicking on the links. I am SLOWLY getting better and am trying to start living life again.

Thanks for reading Digging For Ancestors!

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Otis Fielding JOHNSON

Today’s post is in response to a reader’s questions related to my post Fielding and Sarah JOHNSON ~ Tombstone Tuesday.  John wrote: “… I was wondering where you found information on Fielding JOHNSON-Sarah BARR, but mainly on Otis JOHNSON” (one of their sons) “… I want to find out who he was and about his ancestors. Thank you.” You can read the entire comment at the bottom of the link above.

When I started to respond, I decided to dig a little more into Otis JOHNSON (1886-1968), who happens to be a brother of my hubby’s grandfather, Jerry Taylor JOHNSON (1881-1943). I found out several interesting things, so I just decided to make a post out of it.

Unfortunately, as I dug deeper and deeper… it appears that my hubby’s Otis Fielding JOHNSON most likely is not the same Otis JOHNSON in my reader John’s ancestry. I could be wrong, but I do not think so.  With what I could rather quickly find… our Otis was married to Grace at least by September of 1918. They were still married at least until Otis filled out his World War II Draft Registration Card in 1942 and probably until Grace’s death in 1958.

It does not appear that Otis and Grace had any children or at least none during any of the times when a census was taken. They often had someone else’s child or an older family member living with them at those times, though.

Otis Fielding JOHNSON was born March 25, 1886 in Marion County, Missouri to Fielding Monroe JOHNSON (1844-1920) and Sarah Elizabeth BARR (1846-1932).

Otis Fielding JOHNSON appears in the 1900 Census in Fabius, Marion, Missouri at the age of 14 and living with his parents, a few siblings, a white “servant” girl, and an older black “laborer” man.

In the 1910 Census, he is listed as a boarder in the Oakland Ward 5, Alameda, California. The head of the “housing” was Lousa C Barrows and her daughter, Ella K Barrows, evidently lived/worked there, too. It doesn’t say what it was, but by the different occupations of the MANY “boarders” and the fact that there were males and females in a huge range of ages… my guess at this time is that maybe it was like a hotel or really big boarding house. Not sure. Here is a copy of the census mentioned above. There are at least six more boarders on the next page (for a total of around twenty boarders) along with four servants listed as Chinese and one servant listed as black. It lists Otis’ occupation as a bookkeeper in an office. Otis’ information is underlined in red.

Otis 1910 Census
In September of 1918, Otis’ World War I Draft Registration Card shows him as being a Credit Man for Walton N. Moore, D.G.Co. (Dry Goods Company) on Front (Street?) in San Francisco, California. Otis and his wife, Grace, lived at 396 62nd, Oakland, California.

Otis Fielding JOHNSON’s WWI Draft Registration Card

In the 1920 Federal Census, Otis was 33 years old, married to Grace G. JOHNSON, listed as a credit manager for dry goods, and living in Oakland, Alameda, California with Grace and his widowed Mother-in-law, Julia C. MURPHY.

In the 1930 Federal Census, Otis and Grace lived in Berkeley, Alameda, California with Grace and a nephew-in-law named Robert Lewis SPENCER. Robert was 17 years old at the time and was born in California. His father was born in England and his mother was born in California. Otis was listed as a credit manager for whole-sale dry goods. His home value was listed as $6,000 at the time. A few neighbors also had values of about $7,000-$15,000, but many others had about $25-$40 values on the same page.  Regardless, it appears that Otis and Grace were successful.

In 1940, it shows Otis and Grace as being 54 years old and living at 2627 College in Berkeley, Alameda, California.  They had lived at this same address since at least 1935. According to’s deciphering of this census, it says that they suddenly had two teenagers (Elizabeth J Freenglee and Robert H Freenglee) whose parents were born in Switzerland.  As you read through the original record, it becomes clear that evidently the Freenglee’s parents are missing on the census. They are listed at a different address along with several other discrepancies. Some other people on have incorporated them in their family trees, but it is incorrect. Just another example of needing to check everything out for yourself.

In 1942, Otis’ World War II Draft Registration Card shows him as still (or at least once again) working for Walton N. Moore Drygoods Co. which is then on Fremont and Mission in San Francisco, California.

Otis Fielding JOHNSON's WWII Draft Registration Card

Otis Fielding JOHNSON’s WWII Draft Registration Card

Grace died October 15, 1958, in Alameda, California. Otis died July 4, 1968, in Berkeley, Alameda, California.

So, you may be asking, “Why did you continue to research this couple even when you discovered that this was not the same Otis JOHNSON?”


  1. I was on a roll…  😉
  2. As anyone really hooked on genealogy knows, it is really irritating to not have as many of the “blanks” as possible filled in…
  3. As I got to know more about Otis and Grace, I wanted to learn more.
  4. If I am correct and they did not have any children, their particular line ended with them. They have likely been forgotten and/or not explored further on most of the other relatives’ family trees. That saddens me and made me want to devote this post to their memories. ♥

So, where does that leave John and his Otis JOHNSON?

I did not want to just be the bearer of bad news, so I tried to dig a bit further for him and his family.

First a few questions:

Is your mom the Patricia Joann Johnson Olthoff that married John Bingo Olthoff?

Was she born December 26, 1926 in Pueblo, Colorado and passed away February 11 or 12, 1989?

If so, I think I found your great-grandfather. Remember, I did not completely get this sourced or anything, so you will still need to research this yourself, John.

Do these look familiar?

If so, her father was Stanley Otis JOHNSON who was born January 14, 1904 in Montrose, Henry, Missouri, and passed away April 1968 in Rocky Ford, Otero, Colorado. His parents were likely Forster and May JOHNSON.  It looks like he probably had at least two siblings (Ethmer born about 1904 and Agnes born about 1907).

Her mother was Vida Margaret KELLOGG who was born February 28, 1896 in Rocky Ford, Otero, Colorado, to Aaron Lindsley KELLOGG (1839-1914) and Isabel K MORGAN (1862-1953) and passed away September 13, 1994 in Pueblo, Colorado.

It was rather difficult to find information that was accessible to the public, but there is a bit more via This line doesn’t appear to be highly researched by those on the internet, yet, but hopefully this is your correct line and I have helped you get a good running start.  The good news is that if you can connect Forster JOHNSON to your mother, then there is a bit more information out there. Good luck and let me know about your progress.

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Moses PORTER and Daniel PORTER Families in 1880 Census

Sumner County, Kansas ~ Late 1800's

Sumner County, Kansas ~ Late 1800’s

My third great-grandfather, Moses Franklin PORTER, was born January 20, 1826 to Henry PORTER (1778-1868) and Nancy BOWLES (1792-1836) in Muddy Creek, Madison, Kentucky.  Moses died December 26, 1900 in Oxford, Sumner County, Kansas.

His second wife, Mary Ann “Polly” ROSENBERGER was born December 24, 1841 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Abraham Rosenberger (1799-1883) and Elizabeth KING (1817-1845). She was the step-mother of Daniel PORTER.  “Polly” died June 15, 1904 in Oxford, Sumner County, Kansas.

Moses and “Polly” married August 30, 1857 in Taylorville, Christian County, Illinois.

The 1880 Census for Moses and “Polly” PORTER household shows the following:

Name: Moses Porter
Age: 54
Birth Year: abt 1826
Home in 1880: Oxford, Sumner, Kansas
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relations to Head of House: Self (Head)
Marital Status: Married
Spouse’s Name: Mary Porter

Moses’s Birthplace: Kentucky
Moses’s Father’s Birthplace: Maryland
Moses’s Mother’s Birthplace: Maryland
Moses’s Occupation: Farming

(Polly) Mary’s Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Mary’s Father’s Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Mary’s Mother’s Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Mary’s Occupation: Keeping House

Moses Porter ~ 54 ~ head ~ farming
Mary Porter ~ 38 ~ wife ~ keeping house
Mary I. Porter ~ 22 ~ daughter ~ Housekeeper
Laura Porter ~ 12 ~ daughter ~ Works Out
Ellen S. Porter ~ 15 ~ daughter ~ Works Out
Aaron D. Porter ~ 12 ~ son ~ Farm Laborer
Fanny M. Porter ~ 10 ~ daughter ~ At Home
Moses F. Porter ~ 7 ~ son ~ Herder
Charles L. Porter ~ 5 ~ son ~ At Home
Shirley G. Porter ~ 1 ~ son ~ At Home
(Other records show his name as Shirley Edwin Porter)

My second great-grandfather, Daniel Marion PORTER, was born December 28, 1855 in Moweaqua, Shelby County, Illinois to Moses Franklin PORTER (1826-1900) and Elizabeth Ann HOSKINS (1828-1855).  Elizabeth died due to the childbirth of Daniel and an un-named twin who died sometime after the new year.  Daniel died February 27, 1925 in Winfield, Cowley County, Kansas.

My second great-grandmother, Caroline Adele GILBERT, was born in 1864 in Iowa City, Wright County, Iowa.  She died in 1895. Daniel and Caroline were married December 1, 1879, when “Carrie” was 15 years old.   They had two children after this census: Nellie May PORTER (1882-1980) and Charles Oscar PORTER (1884-1946) ~ my great-grandfather.

The 1880 Census for Daniel and “Carrie” PORTER household shows them  as neighbors to Moses and “Polly”.  Their details are as following:

Name: Daniel M. Porter
Age: 24
Birth Year: abt 1856
Home in 1880: Oxford, Sumner, Kansas
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Self (Head)
Marital Status: Married
Spouse’s Name: Carrie B. Porter

Daniel’s Birthplace: Illinois
Daniel’s Father’s Birthplace: Kentucky
Daniel’s Mother’s Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Daniel’s Occupation: Farming

Carrie’s Birthplace: Iowa
Carrie’s Father’s Birthplace: New York
Carrie’s Mother’s Birthplace: New York
Carrie’s Occupation: Keeping House

Daniel M. Porter ~ 24 ~ head ~ Farming
Carrie B. Porter ~ 16 ~ wife ~ Keeping House
(Other records show her name as Caroline Adele)
Joseph D.J. Montgomery ~ 16 ~ white ~ servant ~ Farm Laborer
John Montgomery ~ 18 ~ white ~ servant ~ Farm Laborer

My main questions: Why were Joseph and John Montgomery listed as servants on this census?  Where they related in some way?  Why did they list the very young children of Moses and Mary as different types of laborers?  Did they go to school?

Here is a copy of the original 1880 Census for these two families:


Moses PORTER and Daniel PORTER Families in the 1880 Census

I have also created a Pinterest board called Sumner County, Kansas that focuses on photos of people and places in Sumner County in the late 1800’s and links to genealogy resources for the area.  Be sure to also go to my main Pinterest page to Follow All of my boards.

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